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Door Profile

If you have ever tried to produce laminated interior doors of any type – then you are familiar with one of the biggest issues in that manufacturing process. When you are applying the MDF (plywood, veneer, HPL or whatever other covers you are using) – as soon as you take down the door from the press, inevitably some of them become twisted immediately and you have to produce them again. Even more costly is the case when the doors come out of the press straight and become twisted when they are already installed in the building. Every door producer has their own calculation how much loss they have from that.

Well, not anymore. As per multiple requests of our customers we have developed efficient solution which renders such cases statistically negligible, greatly reducing production costs while in the same time improving the quality and durability of the doors for many years of usage.

Our laminated engineered wood profile is specially designed and ready to be used in production of interior doors frame – any size you need, we deliver in 6,00 m lengths to reduce the wastage for you to the minimum (the sizes depends from the specific dimensions and construction of you own interior doors design). Our solution have been tested for already 8+ years by many different interior doors producers and we are proud to say that so far everyone is happy about it.