Frequently asked questions

What is engineered wood?

Engineered wood products are most commonly laminated timber sections called lamellas. They are cut from selected logs (at least when they are made by good producers), with most or all the defects in wood removed, kiln dried to achieve required humidity, then selected again (to remove some pieces eventually cracked during drying process), then finger jointed and laminated according to the purpose they will be used for.
Generally speaking engineered wood products make the use of timber possible in applications where until now the characteristics of wood are not good enough for. They provide much improved stability and performance, with the look and feel of solid timber. Engineered wood products can be saw, cut, drilled, planned, moulded and profiled just like you work with the solid sawn timber. They can then be primed, stained and lacquered, ready for time-efficient, labour-saving, cost-efficient assembly and installation. Their multilayered construction provides stability and stress performance in excess of solid timber, and has a flawless appearance with no knots, splits or staining.

Is it more expensive?

No. General saying is that using engineered wood reduces wastage in windows production, takes less time and so costs less in labour. When all of these are factored in, the overall cost of using engineered timber becomes much lower – but all this is „in general“.
In fact, when using our products which are specially designed for traditional UK windows production – you will pay much less amount of money for the wood used in every single window. As simple as that – and all the other savings and much faster production times are bonus and on top of that.

Who else is using laminated engineered wood for windows production?

In mainland Europe – practically everyone. Every single wooden windows producer from the smallest ones to the biggest ones and in all countries from Germany to Turkey and even Albania is using laminated engineered wood scantlings for their windows production. Already 20 + years and counting…

Why it comes to the UK later?

The windows in mainland Europe are of different type from the traditional UK windows – by most part, you need only 1 cross section (size) of laminated engineered wood scantlings to produce the mainland Europe type of window – and 1 main cross section is much easier to produce and supply.
To produce efficiently traditional UK window you need 6 different cross sections (sizes) of laminated scantlings + 2 different sizes of laminated panel boards. To produce and supply this from various wood species requires certain dedication, specialized skills, capacity and logistics
– so this is not amateurs friendly task. Even for experienced professionals in that field it’s not easy to be achieved. To organize this for the UK market alone is an investment which most big players in that business have so far considered as not justified.

What about the quality? Are there any dangers of delamination or other troubles?

While we have designed our products in Bulgaria – we have outsourced the production to Germany. (Yeah, we know that most companies would do it the other way around, however achieving top notch quality of our products is much higher priority for us then taking advantage of cheap labour). To guarantee the top quality products for our customers we have partnered with top quality OEM manufacturers and have ordered the production to them. They are famous German laminated engineered wood producers with 50+ years of experience, top quality reputation in Germany and throughout the globe in the field of laminated engineered wood scantlings specialized for windows production usage. So, No – there won’t be delamination and no other troubles as well. Our products have been tested for already 3 years – they are used in many windows already installed in various different buildings throughout the UK. So far without a single complain!

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes, our products are FSC and/or PEFC certified – which mean they are produced from legal wood, cut from well managed forests only. Additionally, when you use engineered wood scantlings – 90% of waste is in fact produced at the source of manufacture and is recycled back into other wood products.

Ok, I am willing to try it in my production – in which wood species you can deliver?

Spruce, Spruce/Accoya, Meranti and Sapeli are available promptly within 7 days delivery time. All other wood species are also possible on demand (we could need 3-4 weeks to produce and deliver for them). Depending how market demand will develop – we can organize also other species to be prompt available in the future.